You Don’t Need to See Lines

Three Rivers Optical “O” SEG

The Three Rivers Optical “O” seg is one of the only fully customizable size and add power round seg lenses. It a round bifocal with a barely visible, soft narrow line. Perfect for the occasional PAL non-adapt, as an upgrade from a flat top, as a specialty lens (occupational double seg), or as a golf seg (rotating the segment to meet the patient’s need), and is the perfect lens for children requiring an add. Available in any resin material, widths from 15mm to 45mm at no extra charge from +0.50 to +5.00 adds. The “O” seg is an excellent customization tool to meet special patient needs.

The Three Rivers Optical “Blended O” seg is the same as the standard “O” seg except that the line is widened to further minimize the appearance of the seg line. Patients who are extremely sensitive to cosmetics will prefer this lens style.

In 2004 “We recognized a gap in the availability of Transitions Lenses, and released the TR “O” Seg followed by the TR “Blended O” seg a year later. We were able to create a customized process to meet our customers’ needs that allows them to give their patients the best technology in the lens material and design right for them,” says Steve Seibert, president of Three Rivers Optical. The lens style was invented by Joe Seibert and is now a patented proprietary product available only from Three Rivers Optical.

Combining an innovative, patented milling process and specialized programming, Three Rivers Optical is able to modify patented design characteristics to grind a blended segment bifocal. The design is available in three varying-sized segments 22mm, 25mm, 28mm by default based on the frame size or can be customized by the ecp to meet patient needs and wearer lifestyles. Customized sizes from 15mm to 45mm are adjustable in 1mm increments if desired and are provided at no additional charge to the practice.

An “O” seg is a great tool for eye care professionals to have in their tool belt. It is versatile and almost unlimited in it’s ability to meet patient’s special needs.